How School on Wheels Used Catchafire as its Marketing Department

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Claire is the sole Grants & Communications Director at School on Wheels, an organization focused on providing tutoring and educational advocacy for children impacted by homelessness. Marketing is critical to their work– not only do they need to make sure their potential constituents realize they exist, they also need to make sure they have volunteers to […]

Running a Crowdfunded Campaign: Tips, Metrics & Results

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So you’ve decided to run a crowdfunding campaign? Part One of this series outlined the groundwork that must be in place before nonprofits start using online crowdfund tools to raise funds, purchase products or solicit contributions to worthy causes. In Part Two, we’ll look at the execution and management of a crowdfunded campaign. Specifically, we’ll […]

Laying the foundation for your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Nonprofits of all sizes are turning to online crowdfunding tools as a consistent and effective way to raise funds, enlist the support of cause-minded companies and individual donors and make a tangible impact. In hopes of helping your organization create the most effective and successful crowdfunding campaign, we’ve outlined some best practices for organizations as […]

MARKETING HOW- TO: Measure What Matters

Is that piece of content you’re distributing increasing site visits? Is your site redesign actually driving traffic to your donation pages? How do you know when a certain marketing activity is actually achieving your goals? A key aspect to marketing is tracking results so that you can determine whether certain activities are worthwhile. Investing in […]

HOW TO: 5 Tips to Get Your Content Noticed in a Noisy Online World

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This piece was contributed by Josh Schukman. Josh is a thought leader atVolunteerMark – VolunteerMark is dedicated to maximizing the volunteer experience for non & for profits alike. Josh writes on all things volunteer, corporate social responsibility, and other purposeful musings. In his spare time, he loves travelling, reading, hanging with friends, and is a wannabe […]