The fear of skills-based volunteering


We get it. Skills-based volunteering can be intimidating.

It requires the volunteer to establish themselves as the professional and to say with utmost confidence that they are able to help the organization fully. There’s a lot of pressure.

At the same time, we’ve seen many of our volunteers sell themselves short. They don’t give themselves enough credit for the skills that they do have.

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Assessing your readiness for listing a specific project


In order for you to have a successful project experience and get the final deliverable that you want and need it is important to make sure that you as an organization and a Volunteer Manager are ready for this specific project. Here at Catchafire we try to equip you with the tools to come to this conclusion on your own. We know that if you aren’t ready for this project that it only becomes a waste of time for you and your volunteer and that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If you go through this simple checklist, you should be ready to list!

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Almost a year ago, Brian was in your shoes. He knew he wanted to give back, but he struggled to find time or a way to do so that would coincide with work.

When Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina partnered with Catchafire to create a Skills-based volunteer program for BCBSNC employees, Brian was intrigued by how he might be able to use his skills for good.

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Explaining the value of skills-based volunteers to your supporters

bannerblog84 for nonprofits.

An online marketplace for nonprofits and skills-based volunteering.

A place to connect with awesome and professional volunteers who want to help you accomplish your mission.

These are some of the ways we describe Catchafire, but in truth, summing up the value of working with skills-based volunteers can sometimes be harder than it seems. How do you articulate just how valuable it is to connect with a communications expert who reshapes your brand identity, or a financial professional who overhauls your accounting system?

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New Catchafire Feature: Phone Consultations!


After months of testing and planning, we’re proud to share a brand new product offering on the Catchafire platform with you: Phone Consultations!

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