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Learning From Nonprofits: Most People Want a Job that Matters

This is the second blog in Catchafire’s series, What For-profits Can Learn from Nonprofits 

At the end of the day most people want to do work that really matters.

Working for a nonprofit is incredibly rewarding because the organization has meaning built into its mission. Therefore, it is easier to glimpse the mark the organization—and by extension the staff member—is making and to understand the role the organization is playing to make the world a better place. Nonprofits motivate and inspire their workers beyond the incentive of money.

Nonprofits naturally attract passionate individuals drawn to the mission of the organization. Providing work that will ensure that employees and volunteers are inspired and busy means nonprofits are listening and understanding their employees. Organizations must be in tune to employees’ interests and wants, working to create rewarding experiences beyond financial incentives so they stay connected to the organization. created a 1/1/1 model through the Foundation to promote a culture of giving back and a value proposition that goes beyond fulfilling a professional or economic one. Integrated into the business since its inception, the Foundation leverages’s people, technology and resources to improve communities by donating 1% of its equity, 1% of its product and 1% of employees’ time to charity. Employees also have a say in how those funds are distributed and their time is engaged. Since founding, the Foundation has given over 445,000 hours of community service, product to 17,500 nonprofits and over $40 million in grants.

Millennials, the rising generation in the workforce, want to be inspired beyond money, just as those traditionally in the nonprofit world. Millennials want to work for a company that does meaningful work and has their best interests in mind. Tapping into that pool of talent going forward will require a level of meaning whether the enterprise is a for- or nonprofit.

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