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So You Think Millennials Are Interested in Your Service Program?


Organizations seeking to attract the best Millennial talent need to change in fundamental ways. According to a New York Times article, “If corporate cultures don’t align with the transparency, free flow of information, and inclusiveness that Millennials highly value — and that are also essential for learning and successful innovation — the competitiveness of many established businesses will suffer.

Derrick Feldman, CEO of Achievestresses that corporations also misinterpret Millennial values when establishing volunteer programs. Here’s where they go wrong:

  1. Millennials don’t care about the corporate agenda. They want to impact issues they find important, not make the company look good.

  2. Millennials crave challenge. They jump at the chance to get creative and stretch themselves especially when it makes a difference in the community.

  3. Millennials need to know why the work matters. Discovering how their skills directly impact the community inspires Millennials to give more and re-engage at work.

How are you learning to adapt your workplace to benefit from the Millennial mindset?

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