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How Intrapreneurs Will Help You Win The Talent War


Today’s employees are looking to make a sustainable impact on society – and companies fostering this sense of social intrapreneurship are reaping the benefits. (Forbes)

In today’s ‘talent wars,’ giving employees creative ways to impact social issues – such as via social intrapreneurship – not only helps to move projects forward and generate new revenue streams, it can also create a competitive advantage.

Social entrepreneurship “[creates] meaningful activities [for employees] and [changes] areas of the business to incorporate issues that society cares about.” Companies that offer genuine opportunities for employees to participate in social innovation – such as employee volunteer programs or prosocial projects – are embracing social intrapreneurship, which is key to retaining talent and increasing employee loyalty.

When Millennials have the highest employee turnover rate, can you afford not to embrace their social motivations?

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