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Twitter Tips You Could Have Used All Along

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According to Buzzfeed’s VP of Strategy in Content is King but Distribution is Queen, strategically distributing content is the key to making your stories stand out. And if BatKid and Ban Bossy are any indication, Twitter is an invaluable tool for nonprofits.
“Treat social media like a side job and you’ll get side job results,” warns Mashable writer, Stephanie Walden. Twitter is a crucial marketing channel and dedicating your full-time efforts to building your influence will pay off in the long run.
By focusing on providing content that your audience will appreciate and share, joining in conversations with others and trying different strategies to see what works and what doesn’t, you’ll grow a base of dedicated followers. And remember not to overthink it: Tweeting doesn’t have to be hard! You should be able to make your tweets stand out without overextending your team.
Whether you’re an expert at navigating the Twittersphere or a newbie to hashtags, there’s always room for improvement in the ever-changing realm of social media. Here are a few tips to help you get a solid foundation now for viral success in the future.

1. Would your followers thank you for that tweet?

People on Twitter are admittedly selfish. They want to receive content that’s timely, interesting and useful to them. Tweets should amuse, inspire and inform. Before you send a tweet, ask yourself if it makes you say wow?! If it doesn’t, most likely it won’t be interesting to your network either. Time to try again.
Once you’ve decided that your subject is worthy of your followers’ time, use your organization’s unique voice to craft clever tweets that encourage others to click and share. After your content and voice are set, find the best times to make your posts stand out—like during off-peak times when there’s less competition.

2. At one point, every user had zero followers.

The good news is it’s possible for anyone to engage and grow an audience organically. If you “give your audience what they want, more followers will want to join.”
Follow, follow, follow. Search for influential people and organizations related to your cause and follow them. Follow reporters, news outlets, similar organizations, your partners, your volunteers, like-minded celebrities and role models. The more people you follow, the better chance you have that they’ll follow you back. But don’t just stop at following. Have meaningful conversations with those people to show them you are worth a follow back. Retweet their tweets, ask them questions, share relevant tips or praise their work. Remember the point here is to be social.

3. We all make mistakes, but we bet you won’t make these anymore.

Twitter can be confusing and it’s easy to make some rookie mistakes like using Twitter as a sales tool and ignoring what the competition is saying. These 9 tips and tricks from Reuters will not only help improve your Twitter influence but your overall social media presence.
Our favorites?
  • Reply using a period. Placing a period in front of the @ sign means that the entire Twitter community can see your tweet. If you just start a tweet with @ only people who follow you and that person will see it.
  • Visuals. Attach photos to each of your tweets. Twitter’s new layout is designed for sharing photos. You’ll take up more space in a Twitter feed and grab people’s attention in a way that words can’t.
4. You’re an expert in your field. Why not chat up your wealth of knowledge?
Hosting a live Twitter chat takes some upfront research and planning but it’s a great way to expand your influence and share thought leadership. Before you get started, research existing Twitter chats to make sure there is no overlap. Here is a list of existing chats to get you thinking.
If you find that there’s already a chat about your topic of choice, participate! This is the perfect opportunity to show off your expertise with potential supporters.
If you opt to host a new chat about a subject within your organization’s cause area or expertise, choose a very specific hashtag that users can follow, promote the event far and wide and turn up the charm and engagement as host. And after the event, don’t forget to follow-up! This is the perfect chance to interact with new leads and create long-lasting connections.

5. If you are a social media manager and aren’t using these tools, your life is about to get way easier!

Countless companies exist with the sole purpose of simplifying the management process of your Twitter account. Interested in scheduling tweets in advance, analyzing data, tracking engagement levels or monitoring what your network’s saying? This list of websites and apps will help you demystify the process and minimize your time commitment.
Catchafire’s Stamp of Approval: SproutSocial keeps us on top of our social media game. We use their technology to monitor our channels, schedule tweets in advance and research the social media landscape. Another great option is Postling (created by Catchafire’s one-and-only Product Lead Chris Maguire)!
Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags:
#socinn (social innovation)
#socent (social entrepreneurship)
#SM4NP (social media for nonprofits)
#SM4SG (social media for social good)
#nptech (nonprofit tech)
And for your cause, too (#LGBT, #humanrights, #hunger)
A few stellar Twitter campaigns:
  • #FirstWorldProblems
  • Charity Water’s #WorldWaterDay
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